Stockton2 Medium gas stove


Stockton2 Medium gas stove
  • HEAT OUTPUT RANGE: 2.01 - 5kW, 5.01 - 6kW
  • SOLUTION: Stove, freestanding
  • FUEL: Gas
  • STYLE: Traditional
We've highlighted the efficiency and heat output, for both a conventional (C) and balanced (B) flue, using natural gas (they are compatible with LPG too).
  1. Stockton2 Medium = C 78% (E) efficient, 4.60kW nominal
  2. Stockton2 Medium = B 90.8% (B) efficient, 5.40kW nominal
Size: 601 x 347 x 616 mm (w/d/h)

Why choose a Stovax/Gazco gas stove?

Stunning flames, stylish designs, highly efficient Stovax & Gazco are committed to research and development to ensure their products are market leading in terms of style, innovation and efficiency They are an ISO9001 accredited company Their quality control system ensures that their appliances comply with British safety standards as well as stringent European regulations (CE mark).

Why choose a Stockton gas stove?

  • Highly efficient. The Stockton gas stove records a 91.8% (B) efficiency rating with a balanced flue
  • Cast iron door and heavy gauge steel for the body
  • Realistic log fuel bed
  • Install with a conventional or balanced flue, so no chimney required
  • Manual control as standard, upgrade to Standard or Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control
Stovax & Gazco gas fires and stoves bought from The Fireplace Company come with a five-year guarantee. Download the brochure For more information about the Stockton2 Medium gas stove please contact us today.

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