Riva2 400 Edge gas fire


Riva2 400 Edge gas fire
  • HEAT OUTPUT RANGE: 2.01 - 5kW
  • SOLUTION: Fire, hearth mounted, Fire, insert
  • FUEL: Gas
  • STYLE: Contemporary

1. Choose your lining option

With this frameless, hole-in-the-wall gas fire, the flames and fuel bed become the focus. All you need do is choose from the three linings; Echoflame Black Glass, Black Reeded, and Vermiculite Fire size: 400 x 388mm (w/h) Heat output: Conventional flue (3.8kW nominal)

Why choose a Riva2 400 gas fire?

Stunning flames Three dual burners, choose from front only or front and rear, adjustable from lazy fire to dramatic blaze Ultra-realistic log-effects Indiscernible from natural logs Will fit most fireplaces This is the most compact Stovax & Gazco gas fire, which will be perfect for the majority of standard sized homes

CE approved, high efficiency

  • Non-reflective glass
  • Natural gas or LPG
  • Conventional flue, 81% (C) efficient
  • Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control - choose your flames to suit your daily and weekly schedules, customise up to four profiles

Why choose the Riva2 400 Edge gas fire?

  • Seamless integration into a room. Achieve that stunning, frameless hole-in-the-wall effect
  • A touch of luxury and a definite talking point for guests
Stovax & Gazco gas fires and stoves bought from The Fireplace Company come with a five-year guarantee. Download the brochure For more information about the Riva2 400 gas fires please contact us today.

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