Ofyr Classic grill 100


Ofyr Classic grill 100
  • FUEL: Wood
The Ofyr Classic (pronounced oh-fire) has a grill plate with a diameter of one metre so it can easily cater large parties. Easy to set up – add fuel, ignite, wait 30 minutes. Easy to cook on and versatile – use different areas of the plates depending on how hot you want your cooking surface to be. Simple to maintain – scrape any debris into the fire and move on. Beautiful sculptures in their own right, these outdoor cooking solutions are all you'll need to entertain and cook for as many of your friends and family you can invite round to feed. It'll take two of you to move the steel cooking plate such is its weight. Once in position you'll never need to move it – this is a hard wearing solution that can stay outdoors the whole year round.


Material Base: Corton steel Cone: Corton steel Plate: Black steel Dimensions and weight Height: 100 cm Width: 98 cm Depth: 98 cm Base: 31.5 kg Cone: 22.5 kg Plate: 56.4 kg Total weight: 110.4 kg We have not one but seven OFYR bundles that might take your interest including the Ofyr Classic grill 100 bundle. We also sell a range of the Ofyr accessories, as highlighted below. For more information about these products and to make an appointment to see one at the showroom, please contact The Fireplace Company now.

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